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  • Prime visibility with Company logo on conference home page,
    the first page attendees see when signing into sessions.
  • Exclusive designation as prime sponsors of the AADCP 2021
    virtual conference.
  • Exclusive designation as prime sponsor on the AADCP Sponsors
  • Registration for up to 7 participants.
  • Prime space with largest presence in the virtual Exhibitor hall
    (quadruple the size of logo tiles) that links directly to your
  • Exhibit booth perks:
    • Virtual “Face to Face” contact with attendees
    • Up to 7 team members in your booth
      displaying names and photographs of each
    • Ability to invite attendees to visit your booth
    • Your company can download videos,
      slide shows, website, and other
      information in your booth
    • Analytics report provided on
      attendees visited your booth